“We live in Christ and share his love with all people.”

That’s our mission at Christ Lutheran Church.

We are a community in which children, youth, and people of all ages are valued. We are a gathering of Jesus’ followers who gain insight from one another about how the Bible informs our lives. And we are a community in which faith is lived out beyond the walls of the church. We learn at CLC to heed Jesus’ call to feed the hungry, to care for our neighbor, and to share his love with all people.

This is a community in which you will experience the love of God in Jesus Christ, where you will grow in faith and love toward God and toward all whom God has put in your life.

We invite you to come find God here and to experience many opportunities to serve the Ferndale community and beyond. You don’t need all the “answers” to faith to worship here. We are all growing and discovering more about God together, and we welcome people wherever they are on their spiritual journey.