Opening for a 3 year old in the Orange Class

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Class Days and Times

Red/Orange Classes: 3 year olds—Monday & Tuesday—9:30 AM to noon—12 students per class

Yellow/Green Classes: 4 & 5 year olds—Wed./Thurs./Fri.—9:30 AM  to noon—13 students per class

Blue Class: 4 & 5 year olds— Tues./Wed./Thur.—12:45 PM to 3:15 PM—13 students per class

Purple Class: 3,4,5 year olds— Tues./Wed./Thurs.—12:45 PM to 3:15 PM—13 students per class

(Children enrolled in our program have attained the age of three on or before August 31 of the year enrolling and need to be self-sufficient at using the bathroom facilities.)

Total tuition for the 2017–18 school year for two-day classes is $945 & for the three-day classes is $1305 (for a 9 month school year).

CLCP offers a second child discount of $10 per month for two-day classes and $15 per month for three-day classes.

If you wish to schedule a tour, call 380-2233 or e-mail