Here is what our families have to say:

Amber Mills reviewed CLC Preschool5 star
A couple of years ago when I was looking into preschools, several friends suggested that I take a tour at CLC Preschool saying that their kids loved the school, the teachers were fantastic and they felt that their students were better prepared for Kindergarten when the time came, not to mention the stellar reputation in the community. Fast forward to my daughters second year at CLCP and my son’s first year and I am not disappointed in my decision. My daughter loves going to school and always has some new information to share with me when she comes home. She raves about her teacher, her friends, pastor Jana and all of the fun things that she gets to do. My kids go to school on different days and they sit in the back seat proudly telling each other which days they GET to go to school! Not only do my kids get the benefit of interacting with teachers and staff who genuinely care about them, they are learning in a Christ centered environment in which growing in their knowledge of their faith in God is also a top priority. Outstanding preschool!

Stephanie Balicki reviewed CLC Preschool5 star
I am so glad my daughter has had the opportunity to go to this wonderful school! The teachers are amazing and they really do a lot of fun stuff!! My daughter is excited every day to go to school! so blessed
2 months ago
I have 2 kids enrolled.. It has been an amazing experience for both children.. They have learned lots through fun and creative ways of teaching and can’t wait to go back to class.. The staff is great and does a wonderful job at making sure parents are well informed. This preschool was highly recommended to us and we pass those recommendations on to anyone else looking to enroll their child.

a month ago
Amazing, loving preschool. The staff is amazing. Projects, field trips, daily activities are so fun. I love that they try to get the kids outside every day!