The memorial garden and columbarium at Christ Lutheran provide a resting place for the cremains of loved ones, as well as a sanctuary for remembrance, contemplation, meditation, and prayer. A fountain and labyrinth, located within the garden, serve to remind us of our life and journey with Christ.

The columbarium is a group of small compartments (niches) designed to hold the cremated remains (cremains) of loved ones. Origin: from the Latin word columba, meaning dove. In the Christian tradition, the dove has long symbolized the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

Inurnment niches may be purchased in advance or for a loved one at the time of death. In addition, memorial plaques for those whose remains are located elsewhere are available for purchase. For more information or reservation forms, please contact the church parish administrator.


Click here for a document with answers to common questions about the columbarium at Christ Lutheran Church.