“For it is in giving that we receive” St. Francis of Assisi

Although these few words are written by the Stewardship Committee please do not interpret them as a request for donations. Our congregation has proven time upon time how generous it is, especially when generosity has been needed in the past.

We simply want to write about the joy of giving; about how good it feels to take responsibility and to give spontaneously; about the simple satisfaction we all feel when we give of the resources and abilities entrusted to us by our creator!

Our sense of commitment and giving are inextricably connected. When we give out of compassion to those who are in need, we instantly feel connected and committed to the needy.

Have you ever felt the deep satisfaction that we experience when giving? Here are some examples of how some of the members of the Stewardship Committee have recently felt the joy of giving:

  • when delivering meals to members of our church during illness.
  • when we fulfilled our Capital Campaign pledge and then decided to give more for Phase 1 wish list.
  • when joining work parties to paint and clean during construction, especially feeling joy in camaraderie with others doing the same.
  • when I made use of the opportunity to apply for and use a Thrivent Action Team Grant.
  • when digging into my wallet for change to give to a needy person

We in the Stewardship Committee hope that all will share in the joy of giving because in doing so you enrich yourself, and fulfill your obligations to others.

Chances are that you already share your time, talent and treasures. But how many of us make intentional choices about generosity that are important to each one of us and align with our values. We encourage you to share your resources, to make a difference, and create your own generosity plan. There are many ways of doing so:

We can give money, because it is effective and convenient

We can give time, in volunteering. By doing so we take responsibility and become part of a community.

We can give resources, and share our knowledge, skills and material resources

We can share love, because it gives great healing positive energy, it is the basis of humanity

We can pledge organs and blood. There is no joy of giving greater than making other people healthy and happy.

“As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.”
―Victor Hugo